The Sound of Escapism

Megan Jenkins

The Sound of Escapism is a look at live music from a different perspective. While we may be used to seeing images of artists, singers and musicians on stage there is another component that is just as important to the atmosphere and construct of a gig: that is the audience. My images are captured when the stage lights are momentarily directed toward the crowd, acknowledging and emphasising their role. My goal is to capture the vast range of emotions that are felt individually but enhanced and shaped by the collective experience of listening to the music as part of a crowd. As a music photographer I get a front row seat to this, experiencing the private moments collectively felt in real time. The interactions between strangers, as well as friends, held within an overwhelming sense of community, makes the appeal of these events even stronger. This sense of the communal as well as the individual is unique to the lived experience of the live event.

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